Profile of Dr. Nat (Drnat)

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  • Occupation:  Geology Professor

  • State/Province:  Past: I do not have enough fingers and toes to count the places. Present: Texas. Future: Hopefully somewhere other than Texas.

  • Country:  Currently the USA

  • Personal Quote:  
    No man has the power, in the long run, that he can vanquish and outwit Nature.
    -Heldris of Cornwall, 13th Century poet

  • Pets:  One cat, Samantha.

  • Research Interests:  Geoarchaeology, but I also do a bit of work on the history and geology of mining localities in Scandinavia and Scotland.

  • Photograph Notes:  This is me, working in the field. I am taking notes about Nigardsbreen, a glacier northeast of my family home in Norway.

  • Fiction Novels:   The Gates of Pewabic (2012), Friends Like These (2014), A Cold Day in October (2016)

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  • Non-fiction Book:  New Mexico Rocks! A Guide to Geologic Sites in the Land of Enchantment