Profile of David Hiltunen (Davidcorrytontn)

  • E-mail:

  • Occupation:  Retired from Electronics

  • City:  Lake Linden

  • State/Province:  Michigan.

  • Country:   United States Of America

  • Personal Quote:  
    Anything free is worth saving up for.
    It is hard to stand on principal
    with feet made of clay.

  • Age:  65

  • Sex (M/F):   Male

  • Hair Color:  Light Brown

  • Eye Color:  Hazel

  • Pets:  my x has them

  • Music Preferences:  Open To Much No Rap

  • Favorite TV show:  All CSI - NCIS Two & A Half Men - Ghost Whispers - Fringe

  • Hometown:  Dollar Bay,MI. 49922