Profile of Bill Skriba (Beewrangler1963)

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  • Occupation:  Civil Servant

  • City:  Ithaca

  • State/Province:  MI

  • Country:  USA

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    In my journey of life, I have been to many places both high and low, distant and far. If my path and yours have crossed, I hope you take a good memory with you. But more importantly, on this journey of life, I will never forget from where it is that I have come from. Home truly is where the heart is.

  • Age:  Srill not old enough to know better.

  • Sex (M/F):  M

  • Hair Color:  Distinguished

  • Eye Color:  Mood Ring Variables

  • Pets:  1 Dog, 1 Cat, 1 Snake, 1 Million Bees, and 2 Kids. Hey the line for the Ark starts over there.

  • Music Preferences:  Classic Rock, NPR

  • Favorite TV show:  Red Skelton Re-Runs

  • Radio Personality:  Garrison Keillor