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Kathryn Sullivan:  100th birthday party 12/4/98
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Greetings from France!

Hello Kathryn, I know we never met but I've heard about your last performance. It's gonna be impossible for me to help you blowing your 100 candles but I'm able to whish a Happy 100th Birthday Kathryn.



Dear Kathryn:

Having been an admirer of school teachers all my life I wish you a most pleasant birthday greeting from way out here in Oregon. Can't you see us waving to you from on top of this here mountain?  The name of our region is called the Rouge Valley. I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that you have probably taught a few of your students about our Oregon trail? Which goes close by our home, well really not that far from here, and most of the Indians who were here have long since made peace with all of us plain folk. What a pleasant thanksgiving we have had, and I hope that your birthday is just as pleasant for you. Happy Birthday & Thanksgiving.

Mr.& Mrs.Thomas & Vicki Kelly 

I hope you enjoy your celebration of life with your friends. 

Jim Johnson a Yooper transplant down in Clinton Twp. Mi, LooperLand

Happy Birthday to you!!!  I wish I were able to say that to you in person, but it's a little far. I plan to be up next fall, though, so I'll stop by then and wish you an early Happy Birthday.

Have you lived in the Calumet area your whole life?  I'll bet you've seen a change or two.  I have a long-shot question: Did you ever know Si Evans from Houghton?  He died many years ago, but he was my grandfather.  I still miss him a lot.  He had a great sense of humor.  By the way, he was Houghton's fire chief for a long time in the 1940s and 50s.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.  When I ate some rutabaga yesterday, I thought of my UP roots AND about pasties.

Enjoy yourself!

David Hogberg, Albion, Michigan 




 Dear Ms.  Sullivan, 

Happy 100th birthday Friday!  We are caring for a 91 year old aunt in our home and I know you are as precious as she is.  The pasties we received a few weeks ago were delicious. 

Andrew Martin 
Tullahoma, Tennesee 


I just thought I'd email you to wish you a happy 100th birthday and I hope you have 100 more that are just as special.  :-)  I will not be able to attend your party because I live in North Carolina but I wanted to make sure that you recievede a hapy birthday message from the southern end of the USA.

Happy Birthday again and May God bless you in the coming years.

In Christ,

Paul Roberts

P.S. I hope you had a Merry Thanksgiving and I trust you will have a Happy Christmas.  :-) 

This little birdie had a hard time getting through all the Thanksgiving traffic, so he's a bit late.  Happy Birthday Anyway!
                                :    :
            ___                 :____:
    ___ ---\ ~~ /---___         :  []:
    \   \ ~ \~ /~~~/~~~/     ----,-------
  ,' \~~ \~~ \/ ~~/~~~/ `,     ,'  0 0 __
 -_~~ \   \,------,  / ~ _`    ;    _____\
;   - _ \,'^^^^^^^ ""`,_-  \   `, `--'; u
; ~~   ,'^^^^-----------   /   ,'`,,,'
;~ ---, ^^^,`__----,  ..`,/  ,'..,'
`,  ~ ,^^ <_'__--__ `, .. `,/ .. `
 `,---` ^<________--  `, .. ..  ,'     ___ [] ___
  `,---` <__ -__ ___  ,' .. . ,`     _/   \)(/   \_
   `, --` <__ __ _  ,' ... _,`      /   /      \   \
    `--,___<___   ,'`-___,'       ,'   :   |        `,
            <___,'(||)            :             :    :
              ||   ||             :    :   |         ;
            __||_ _||_            \_            :   _/
           // ;;\\ ;;\\             \_  \  |   /  _/

Have some more birthday cake!  I like cake much better than pumpkin pie, don't you?

Nancy Bell

 Best wishes on your special day from sunny Tucson, Arizona. I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your special friends.

Take care, 
Barbara Drumm

Hello Ms. Sullivan, 

I would like to wish you a happy birthday.  I trust that you will enjoy the day and have many friends and family members to help you celebrate.   I have enjoyed checking in on Pasty Central and trying to keep up with all that is going on there.  In fact, one day a week I teach a group of 4th and 5th grade advanced studies kids and we all check in to Pasty Central.  My kids have really enjoyed it as well as learn about computers and the internet.   I am also the Pastor of a Baptist church here in Grayling.  As you can imagine, that keeps me very busy as well.  The Lord has sure been good to me and my family. 

Say hello to Charlie Hopper for me.  We are cousins and only get to see each other once in a great while. I sure enjoy seeing what he is doing with you folks at Pasty Central. 

Once again, Happy Birthday! 

Ernie Wagner

 Hi Miss Sullivan,

Happy 100th birthday to you!!!!  I am a retired school teacher myself and love pasties. My dad was born in Calumet and I spent many summers there when I was a child. My husband and I have ordered your pasties and love them.

Many wonderful birthday wishes are being sent to you.

Darlene Sulad 

 Dear Kathryn, 

Congratulations on your 100th Birthday!  I order pasties from time to time for my father-in-law.  His family is English and he was born in Windsor, Ontario (he now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana).  He loves and misses pasties!  His mother, who lived to be 95, used to make them for him.  Thanks to Still Waters for continuing the pasty tradition!  May the Lord Bless you with wonderful health and much enjoyment for all the days to come.  Happy Birthday, Kathryn! 

In Christ's love, 
Dawn Perry 



Happy Birthday!

Heard from Pasty Central about your upcoming birthday.  Just thought I would say hello and I wish you the very best.

Susan Pavlik

Happy Birthday to you from Texas!! 

Warmest Regards, Debbie

Happy Birthday from some fellow pasty lovers all the way from North Carolina.  We are both former residents of the Copper Country but the Army requires you to keep moving.  We are enjoying the weather though and we had a beautiful Thanksgiving.  Hope your birthday is the best one ever. 

Your friends,  Dale and Sandra

Greeting from Pennsylvania!  Congratulations on your up and coming 100th birthday.  What a wonderful achievement and what a party .  Many happy returns of the day!!!

A friend

I just received my shipment of 6 pasties. TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!

Maybe you know my family!!!!!!!!

My mother (Mary Edith Chopp) was born in Calumet in 1901. I guess actually she was born in Tamarack. She went to high school in Calumet and to business school in Calumet. She worked for some attorney in Calumet.

My mothers brothers and sisters were Joe Jr., Alex, Margaret, Matilda, Carl, Frank, and Carl. I think that I named them all.

Her father (may grandfather) was Joseph Chopp. He worked in the Tamarack mine..

I guess there were a number of Chopps in the UP. Many were related to one another, having come from Croatia to work in the copper mines.

My mother was at the Italian Hall with her sister Matilda and her mother (my grandmother Chopp). Grandma held my mother and sister against the wall while other were running to the stairway. You know about the tradgedy!!!!

My dad was Theodore Mullin from Hubbell. I guess my great grandfather came from Ireland. He met my mother at Hungarian Falls. As time passed, both my dad and the Chopp family moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. They were married in Sheboygan in 1922.

When I was a kid in the middle thirties, we used to visit my uncle John in Larium. They had a small "shack" on Rice Lake. My dad's brothers and sisters were Walter, John, Oliver, I can't recall the other names.

So I do have a little memory of Calumet and the area.

Have a Wonderful Birthday.

Ray C. Mullin

 Happy Birthday Kathryn! 

I received the notice of your birthday via the Pasty Central newsletter and wanted to wish you a joyous Thanksgiving and a very happy birthday!  My wife and I are now living in Florida but both spent some of the best days in the Copper Country while attending Michigan Technological University where we met.  We both miss the area greatly.  Best wishes and Happy Holidays! 

Mark Vermeulen 

Dear Kathryn,

I am so thrilled to be able to wish you a very Happy 100th Birthday!! May the Good Lord Bless you and keep you strong for many more birthdays!! I hope you have a wonderful and joyous birthday celebration!! Happy Holidays,

Kathey Liamis

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