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Week of August 23 - 29, 1998
 Saturday, August 29

The scene late this afternoon during the horse-pull, with a large turnout at the Houghton County Fair.

(Fairgrounds in Hancock.  Another intersting week for the Pasty Cam)

Fairgrounds in Hancock
The Goal Post Restaurant
Friday, August 28

Just around the corner from yesterday's shot, the Goal Post in Lake Linden.  Also goes well with Wednesday's photo.

(Lindell's is another unique Lake Linden spot)

 Thursday, August 27

The highway from Laurium to Lake Linden, by request from several of our viewers.  We'll come back again this fall when it's not so hazy.

(that overpass ahead sees a lot of snowmobile activity in the winter)

Down to Lake Linden
Football practice
Wednesday, August 26

You know that autumn is on it's way when football practice begins.  The Calumet team takes to the field for double sessions.

(the houses beyond are along Elm Street)

 Tuesday, August 25

Today a group from Still Waters enjoyed a picnic at Camp Lahti on Rabbit Bay. 
Irene Rowe
Irene Rowe surveys the view back toward Bete Gris.

Sunny day, late summer
(A lovely day on the sunrise side of the Peninsula)
The old house before ...

(we mourn the passing of this landmark, and also the Kingston shaft house which was demolished during the previous week)

Monday, August 24

<== Remember the century-old house at the south end of the Eagle River bridge?  Over the weekend it became history...

... and after

Amy and Melody and the Lake
 Sunday, August 23

Summer workers Amy (left) and Melody Irish said goodbye to the Copper Country last night.  If you listen closely you'll hear the waves of Superior and breathe the most vitalizing air on earth.

(Several Pasty Cam pictures this summer were provided by Amy - including this one) 

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