The Pasty Cam
Week of June 28 - July 4, 1998
Ooooh! Aaaah! Keweenaw Fireworks!
Saturday, July 4
 Happy Independence Day! There are two major holiday fireworks shows in the Keweenaw. One was last night in Lake Linden and the other is tonight in Copper Harbor"
(Have a safe, happy fourth of July.)
Friday, July 3
Welcome to a new business in the Copper Country.  The Wood'n Spoon is at the intersection of the snowmobile trails and US 41 in Mohawk.
(Homemade baked goods, jams and jellies) 
The Wood'n Spoon
Summer Camp on Lake Superior
Thursday, July 2
 El Ninõ has given us 70° water temps (if the wind is blowing right).  Mel Jones instructs the Junior High campers, "Everybody into the water!"
(Ah the joys of summer camp!)
Wednesday, July 1
On the Eastern side of the Peninsula, near the canal past Bete Gris beach (pronounced "bay degree") stands the Mendota Lighthouse.  This weekend there will be a special re-lighting ceremony.
(By the way, take a look at  Pasty Cam's new calendar format)
Mendota Lighthouse at Bete Gris
Yooper girls on 4 wheelers
Tuesday, June 30
Yooper teenagers working hard... exploring the untamed wilderness while June is still bustin' out all over..
(they've been down the Great North American trail)
Monday, June 29
Can you feel the cool breeze and smell that sweet Keweenaw woods aroma?  Down these back roads, so many sights to see, so little time.
(On the trail to Deer Lake) 
Great Sand Bay
Sunday, June 28
As much of the USA swelters in 90 degree heat, here on the shores of Lake Superior it is 70 today.  The Pasty Cam pauses at a lovely turn-off between Eagle Harbor and Eagle River.
(What a great lake!)
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