The Pasty Cam
Week of May 10 - 16, 1998
Saturday, May 16
After so many weeks of rainless weather, mid-May has turned out to be quite stormy.  The Pasty Cam could not believe its eye when these clouds rolled over the Cliffs.
(On U.S. 41 at Phoenix)
Storm clouds over the Cliffs
A peaceful street in Laurium, Michigan
Friday, May 15
Everything is so fresh and clean after yesterday's downpour.  That's the Apostolic Lutheran Church up the street, as seen from the parking lot of Toni's, where you'll find some of Laurium's best known pasties.
(and of course you know where to find the Internet's most famous pasties)
Thursday, May 14
A couple of overcast days this week.  The Copper Country needs the rain.  Pasty Cam looks toward the sunrise through a bug-marked windshield.
(The Lift Bridge is just to the right of our view)
P.S:  Later that morning the Peninsula was engulfed in thunderstorms.
US 41 in Hancock approaching the bridge
Dean Woodbeck pilots the Spruce Goose
Wednesday, May 13
By popular demand, here's a true Ace of U.P. Cyberspace, Dean Woodbeck, navigating the controls of the MTU Alumni Association
Well... actually... 
(Dean recently interviewed one alumnus involved in building a museum for the famed "Spruce Goose", created by Howard Huges )
Tuesday, May 12
These days on the Michigan Tech campus, it feels more like San Diego than Houghton.  The weather man says it may sprinkle this afternoon.
(haven't had showers in the daytime in 6 weeks)
P.S.: Later that evening, we had a soaking rain
Spring Fling at Tech
Atop Bumbletown Hill
Monday, May 11
Once more clear, dry... just before sunrise the Pasty Cam climbs Bumbletown Hill to see up close a sight which is visible all around the peninsula.
(the view from here is magnificent)
Gazebo Trellis Flower bed
Sunday May 10, 1998
Happy Mother's Day from Still Waters Community Elders Home in Calumet!  Another sunny day in the Keweenaw, perfect for a walk in our garden.  Why not plan to visit us this Saturday (5/16) for the annual "White Elephant" sale from 1-3pm.  It's also our craft sale, bake sale, and pie social!  We are located at the corner of Mine and Elm Street, one block west of US-41.  For more information, call toll-free 1-877-PASTY-11 (our local number is 337-4411) 
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