Shown here is an early stock of the Copper Range from 1930.  Perhaps one of the strongest mines during the later part of the century, the Copper Range and it's operations became an integral part of the history of the Copper Country.
The history of Copper Range begins with the dream of a railroad to open the area south of Houghton to exploration and business.  This was the famous Copper Range Railroad, opened in December, 1899.
The Copper Range Company was a holding company, with the Railroad as one unit.  
The Baltic was the first mine to open thanks to the railroad.  Copper Range soon followed with the creation of the Champion, and during the same period, the Trimountain was created.
Eventually, by 1903, all three mines were consolidated under the Copper Range banner.
The best reference on the Copper Range Company would have to be the book entitled "Range of Opportunity" written by Richard Fields.
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