The Amygdaloid is perhaps one of the greatest failure stories during this, or any other, time period in the Copper Country.
Organized in July, 1860, this company immediately set forth on a grand scale.  A large mining plant was installed, a stamp house with 32 Gates' stamps and many buildings and dwellings were built.
The following summer, a massive fire destroyed almost everything, including the homes and stamp mill.  By the end of the same year, most of the buildings had been rebuilt.
However, the mine produced very little copper.
The stamp mill was later rebuilt, but suffered another failure when it's boilers exploded!  But, believe it or not, the mill was rebuilt once again the next year.
Due to the lack of qualified workers during this period, men from Canada were imported.  But as soon as they arrived, they ran to avoid paying their fares.  Again, the company lost a large sum of money.
By 1878, the company was abandoned, leaving behind a rather large deserted village.  Click here to see a 1915 photo of the property.