Strike parade

The following set of four images comes courtesy of Mr. Bruce Weekly from Columbus, NC.  He had these in his collection and generously gave me copies to share on this web site.  (I've left these formatted in large size since most people have access to higher speed internet connections, and they can download the larger files easier.  When I first started this web site, I was doing it strictly through dial-up, and that's the main reason why many other images are sized smaller.)

The first image is a great view in front of Dunn's Tavern, located at the NW corner of 6th Street and Elm.  You can see the Calumet office, W.F. of M. behind the men.  They are standing on the streetcar tracks on 6th Street.

Again, an unbelievable image in front of Dunn's, and a great view of one of the strike parade posters carried throughout that first summer of 1913.

Here we are again, looking north on 6th Street at the corner with Elm.  One of the many strike parades carried out that first summer.  Notice the buildings along the RH (east) side of 6th Street.  Nearly every one is gone today.  The machine shop is located there today.  I wonder how the food was at the Buffet!

Finally, another view of a striker's parade, this time outside the village limits.  I don't believe this parade is being led by Big Annie since she was so much taller than the average person, but a great picture showing the length of these events.  I'm guessing, but I think this parade is heading south from Centennial Heights, heading towards 6th Street, and the Red Jacket Shaft homes would be just to the left on this photo.  I think the photographer is standing on Water Works Road with his camera pointed north.