Get to Houghton
Turn right on to bridge
Turn right at North end of the bridge and head for Lake Linden.
Turn right on the Jackobsville Gay road. You are heading for Gay. Demars market is where you turn. (second picture)
Turn left just across the Traprock River Bridge. This is a picture as you approach the bridge. Signs say to Gay. Next turn will be to right about a mile down this road.
Turn right and head for Gay at this corner. Look for the green sign and turn before the old farm.
Turn right in Gay. Go past the GAY Bar. Stop if you are thristy. (No gay jokes allowed)
Turn right at bottom of Lac La Belle hill. Do not go up the hill.
Right at marina and right at top of hill past marina
Left at the brown and blue house, then right at next turn.
You are at the best fishing hole in Keweenaw County. Camp is just behind the pole barn.