The "high road" goes through Calumet and is the fastest route. It is not as senic as the low road.

Turn right on to the Houghton Bridge
Turn left across the bridge and follow US41 through Hancock, go up the hill and past the mine shaft.
Go through Calumet and keep on going through Mohawk.
Go past the snow thermometer and yes they do get that much snowfall here. Continue past the Cliff View Bar unless you are thirsty.
When you see these houses at Delaware start to slow down. Then slow down at the green sign and turn right on to Lac La Belle road.
Turn left at the bottom of the Lac La Belle hill.
Turn right at the marina and go past it to the top of the hill. Turn right
Turn left at the brown and blue house. Then turn right.
You made it!! Go past the pole barn and to the camp. You have reached the best fishing hole in Keweenaw.