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February 11 - 17, 2018


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Saturday, February 17

A lofty view of Bumbletown, Copper City and beyond.

Winter Maintenance on the Mackinac Bridge.
from the archives

From the Mighty Mac to
the Keweenaw today.
Winter Bridge

Friday, February 16

A winter visit to Lakenenland in the Marquette area.
Unusual and unique places and things around the U.P.
From the Archives

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This Day


Thursday, February 15

Icy landscape at the Upper Entry Light & McLain State Park.

Pleasant flyover of
White Fish Point.
from the archives

The Pasty Cam visits familiar
places in ice today.
Snowshoeing McLain

Wednesday, February 14
Happy Valentines Day
A bit of history on the origins of Valentine's Day.
Vintage cards, icy greeting to
all our Pasty Cam friends.
From the Archives

This Day


This Day


Tuesday, February 13

2018 Winter Carnival is over and done for this year.

Revisiting the all-nighter in 2007.
from the archives

Along with a look back at statues from other years.

Monday, February 12

Winter drive on a Copper Harbor residential roadway.
Snow gets deeper and deeper this time of year.
From the Archives

This Day


This Day

Sunday, February 11

Winter competition of all kinds in the U.P.
from the archives
Hand to hand, and folks on machines

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