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Dec 14 - 20, 2014

This Day
Saturday, December 20

With Christmas looming, a scene of pinecones & needles.
Even a decorative curling overhang.
Sliding snow
Snowcovered needles


Icing UP
Friday, December 19

Winter waves rolling in at Esrey Park, making icy shores.
Superior takes on many art forms.
Ice art

This Day

This Day
Thursday, December 18

Finlandia Men's Hockey played a home series last weekend.
Winning one, a draw for the other.
Go Derek!
National Anthem


Forgotten in the sand
Wednesday, December 17

You never know what you'll find on the shores of Lake Superior.
Common items or 'What on earth is that'?
Lake creature

This Day

This Day
Tuesday, December 16

The fog and frost have been visiting the Keweenaw of late.
Covering everything on Quincy Hill.
Quincy Mine fogged in


Full steam ahead...
Monday, December 15

Cruising on the St. Mary's River heading to and from the Locks.
Buoy tending with a barge.
Crane/barge on the St. Marys

This Day

This Day
Sunday, December 14
Shoebox Memory
A little modern day controversy about the Frostbitten Convention.
Getting a cold shoulder from Facebook about reporting on an event 178 years ago today.
Dec 14 1836

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